Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering


Department Facilities

The various Laboratories functioning in the EEE Department
  1. Electrical and Electronics Workshop
  2. Electrical Machines Lab
  3. Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation Lab
  4. Power System Simulation Lab/Software Lab
  5. Power System Relays and Protection Lab
  6. High Voltage Lab – setting up in progress
  7. Power Electronics Lab
  8. System and Control Lab
  9. Digital Circuits Lab
  10. Electronic  Circuits Lab
  11. Microprocessor Lab
  • Electrical Machines Lab
  • This laboratory is equipped with different types of DC Series and Compound Motors, Single and Three phase Induction Motors, Single and Three phase Transformers, Alternator, Motor-Generator sets etc. The machines are also provided with necessary loading arrangements for conducting various tests. Measuring instruments such as Voltmeters, Ammeters, Wattmeters, Tachometers etc of different ranges also available for conducting the tests on the machines as per the B.Tech curriculum.

  • Electrical and Electronics Workshop
  • This lab is equipped with vast collections of various electrical accessories, electronics components, cathode ray oscilloscopes, multimeters, and other electronic meters. This lab provides hands on experience to the students for wiring simple and special electrical circuits, distribution board wiring, identification of electrical faults and its rectification, measurement of insulation and earth resistance, soldering of electronic circuits, simple electronic circuits etc. An electrical maintenance wing is also working in corporate with this laboratory which carries out all the electrical maintenance work in the college.

  • Electronic Circuits Lab
  • Electronic Circuits Lab is an experimental laboratory that explores the design, construction, and debugging of analog electronic circuits. This subject covers circuit design using diodes, transistors, JFETs, op-amps, UJTs and opto-couplers. This lab aims to emphasize visual and intuitive circuit understanding and to create a practical and useful design experience. In the process, students will learn to understand and use a wide variety of analog circuits like oscillators, differentiating circuits, integrating circuits, clipping and clamping circuits, amplifiers and optocouplers.

  • Digital Circuits Lab
  • The objective of this lab is to perform rigorous experiments to consolidate basic knowledge in digital electronics. The topics covered include testing of ICs, realization of truth tables using logic gates, timer circuits design, design and use of synchronous and asynchronous counters, the design and realization of serial and parallel shift registers, Multiplexers, De-multiplexers, Multi-vibrators, Adders, Substractors, design and analysis of flip flops. This lab contributes primarily to the students’ knowledge of digital electronics, and does provide design experience.

  • Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation Lab
  • The Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation laboratory is equipped with Wheatstone’s Bridge, Kelvin’s double Bridge, Vernier Potentiometer, Slidewire Potentiometer, Sensitive Galvanometers, Standard Cells, Standard Resistances, Volt Ratio Boxes, Autotransformers, Power supplies , Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes , Function generators, DC and AC voltmeters and Ammeters, Multimeters, Loading Rheostats, Stop Watches, Wiring Tools etc. This laboratory provides familiarization of various electrical measuring devices, scheme of measurements of various electrical and electronic quantities and calibration of various electrical and electronic equipments.

  • Microprocessor Lab
  • Microprocessor lab is fully equipped to provide the students with an environment to implement and experiment knowledge acquired in the classroom. The lab is equipped with the facilities to conduct all the experiments with 8085 processors and 8086 processors including interfacing various devices like key board, LCD display stepper motor and elevators, ADC and DAC boards etc.

  • Power Electronics Lab
  • The lab is equipped with IGBT chopper with 230/110V Transformer & DC Motor (2.5HP, 230V, 1500 rpm) 3 Phase IGBT power inverter with 1HP, 415V,50Hz, 3 phase Induction Motor SCR Trainer Kit, Solar Voltaic training system. The students use this lab for regular lab sessions, project works and research activities.

  • Software Lab
  • Department software lab is equipped with 40 Nos. Of desktop computers. MATLAB, Mi Power and ETAP are the major softwares available in this lab. This lab is meant for both PG and UG students.

  • Power Systems Lab
  • The lab is equipped with different types of Relay testing kit, Insulation megger,Electromagnetic type Over Voltage Relay. This lab is meant for both PG and UG students and is utilised for regular lab session and project works.

  • Systems and Control Lab
  • The lab is equipped with AC& DC Servomotor, Flow Control Trainer , Syncro trainer,Temperature Process Controller, P,PI,PID control Trainer System Software-Matlab PC(5 Nos) and DSO.This lab is mainly used for UG Students.

  • High Voltage Lab
  • This is a newly set up lab in the department and is mainly used for UG Students.This lab equipped with (0-60 kV) Manual Oil Test Kit,100kV High Voltage Tester With Sphere Gap Assembly, 30kVAC/40kV DC Test Kit. This lab

  • Electrical Workshop

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